What is Pointz?

Pointz is an easy and fun way to get rewarded for spending time at local places.


Why did you create Pointz?

Our mission is to get more people spending more time at local businesses.


Where are you located?

We are proudly located in Birmingham, AL.


Is Pointz a cryptocurrency?

Yes! We are not on the blockchain yet, but this is in the works. 




How do I get points?

You get points by spending time at any of the local businesses on our app. To get points, you don’t have to check-in or even open the app. You simply need to make sure your Bluetooth is on and you have location services enabled (see the Privacy section for more information about location services).


When can I get points?

Local businesses decide when to offer points and how many points to offer. You can see exactly when a particular business is offering points by viewing the business details screen.

Are the points general or specific to a business?

The points are general! It doesn't matter where you earned the points; they go towards the same rewards.


How much time do I have to spend to get points?

Usually 30 minutes, but some businesses are different. You can view this information in the business details screen.


How often can I get points?

There’s no limit to the total amount of points you can get, but you can only get points once a day for each business you visit.


Do I get my points right away?

Most of the time, yes, but not always. Many times you won’t be notified you got points until after you have left the establishment and/or are connected to WiFi.


What are bonus points?

Bonus points are points that can be earned by doing other things except spending time at local businesses like completing your profile, unlocking hidden locations, and/or inviting friends to download the app. Bonus points are worth the same as normal points.




How do I redeem rewards?

You can redeem rewards all in the app. Simply hit the “Redeem Now” button once you have enough points and selected a reward, confirm your email, and that’s it. You will be emailed instructions shortly after where you can verify your shipping address.

Where do your rewards come from?

The designs for all of our rewards come from local artists.


Can I submit a design for a reward?

Yes! We love partnering with local artists. If you have a design you'd like to submit, email us at


Where are you located?

We are proudly located in Birmingham, AL.


Hidden Places


What are hidden places?

Hidden places are local spots around town (non-businesses) where you can earn bonus points by visiting and unlocking them.

How do I unlock hidden places?

You can unlock hidden places simply by visiting them (make sure your Bluetooth is on and location services are enabled).


How much time do I need to spend at a hidden place to unlock it?

There's no minimum time. Hidden places will unlock once you visit or pass by them (provided you have Bluetooth on and Location Services enabled).

How do I find hidden places?

Most hidden places are meant to be “discovered” and not necessarily found. There are basically two ways to find and discover hidden places:

1) spend more time at local places (parks, attractions, etc.)

2) collaborate with friends.

How many times can I get points at a hidden place?

Only once per hidden place.




How does Pointz work?

Pointz is powered by Bluetooth beacons, which are small, battery powered Bluetooth sensors that enable micro location detection very efficiently and in a more privacy centric manner than traditional GPS.



Why do you need location services?

Android and iOS both require location services in order to detect location using Bluetooth. This sometimes causes confusion because we DO NOT use GPS in the background to determine location. We only use Bluetooth which is much better because a) it doesn’t drain your battery and b) it protects your privacy by not continually tracking your location everywhere you go.

Do you continually track my location?

No! With our technology we can only detect when you’re near a Pointz location. Unlike GPS, we do not continuously track your location everywhere you go.

Does Pointz drain my battery?

No! Since we only use Bluetooth in the background Pointz uses a very negligible amount of battery and despite commonly believed, having Bluetooth on at all times will not generally affect your battery life.

Do you sell my data?

No! We are huge privacy advocates and we do not sell your data to any businesses or 3rd party providers. We are not a data collection app.


Have another question?

Feel free to reach out to us