1. Visit Local Places

Visit & spend time in any of the local businesses on our app. Restaurants, breweries, bars, gyms, health spas, retail, and more.

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2. Earn Points

Every time you visit and spend time at a local business, you can earn points towards awesome rewards. All of your points are tracked within the app .

3. Get Free Stuff

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem those within the app for awesome rewards like concert tickets, adventure passes, local merchandise, and gift cards.

Gift Cards

Event passes


Aviate BHM Hat

⭐4,600 points

Birmingham Legion T-Shirt

⭐7,800 points

Cahaba Pint Glass

⭐1,700 points

2 Bham Pedal Tour Tickets

⭐8,000 points

Bham Tumbler

⭐2,800 points

$50 Gift Card

⭐10,000 points

Red Mountain Adventure Pass

⭐7,200 points

Bham Wall Clock

⭐3,450 points

Bham T-shirt

⭐4,600 points

Barons Baseball Tickets

⭐3,200 points

Bham Water Bottle

⭐2,800 points


Concert Tickets


It’s Easy!

There are no punchcards or check-ins. Just turn on your Bluetooth. You don’t have to take out your phone or open the app to receive points!

No check-ins

No punch cards

Just Bluetooth

 Pointz in the Press


Start earning points today!

(It’s free)

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