How do I get points?

Download the Pointz app, turn on your Bluetooth, and spend time at any business that offers Pointz.

*Note - If you have an iPhone, you will also have to enable location services (see 'Why do you require location services?').


How long do I have to stay to get a point?

This is up to the business, but most places you have to stay 30 minutes to get 1 point.


How many points can I get per day?

There's no limit to how many points you can get, but each location has their own settings. Again, this is up to the business, but most places only allow 1 point per day per location right now.


How do I redeem rewards?

When you have enough points you can press on the reward and you will see a redemption screen. Show this screen to an employee at the participating Pointz location to redeem your reward.


Do I have to check in to get points?

No! Just turn on your Bluetooth. You don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket.


How does Pointz work?

We use Bluetooth beacons to determine when you're at a location.


Do you continually track my location?

No! This is one of the cool things about using Bluetooth beacons. We only know when you're at one of the participating Pointz locations. 


Does Pointz drain my battery?

No! This is the other really cool part about using Bluetooth to determine location (as opposed to GPS). There's almost to effect on your battery life.


Why do I have to enable Location Services on iPhone?

Apple requires this even though we use Bluetooth (not GPS) to determine location. 


Where are you located?

We are proudly located in Birmingham, AL.