Product Update

Product Update - New Rewards

We have made a pretty big change to the rewards store that has been getting a lot of praise from our users.

We initially started out with local Birmingham gear like T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and sweatshirts. We quickly realized that while those rewards are great, we needed more of a wow-factor. Something that users could really get excited about.

NEW REWARDS!!! (1).png

Now we are introducing new rewards every few weeks like gift cards, concert tickets, and local Birmingham adventure passes. This is a good way to continue passing on more business to local venues and give our users something to bigger to use their accumulated points for.

These rewards will be updated regularly with seasonal items and new business-oriented merchandise. We want to make sure that the rewards stay appealing for a wide range of users.

Product Update - New Business Dashboard and Offer Points for Emails

This week we’ve updated the business side of our app with two pretty awesome features that we’re really excited about.

New Business Dashboard


First off, we completely redid the dashboard for businesses. Now, when business owners/managers open the Pointz app the first thing they will see is a dashboard that gives a simple, but very powerful display of how well Pointz is performing for their business.

With this new dashboard, businesses can easily see how many visits their business has received from Pointz customers over a given time, how long these customers stayed on average, how much they effectively paid for these visits based on the number of points they offered, and how many customer emails they collected (which brings us to our next awesome feature…).

Offer Points for Customer Emails

Businesses can now offer points to users for sharing their email with them.

Many of our local businesses have asked if we can share our users’ email with them and our answer has always been no in order to protect the privacy of our users. Now, however, we have decided to give our users the option of sharing their email with a particular business and not only that, but to earn points for doing so.

The points for emails work the same as visit points (free to offer points, businesses only pay $0.01 per point if someone opts-in). All emails are verified by us first as valid email before users are able to earn points for opt-ing in. Businesses can export emails at any time through the app.

This is a great way for our local businesses to build their email list and strengthen their email marketing campaigns as well as a great way for our users to earn more points.

We love feedback

We’re really excited about both of these features and both of these we’re added solely based on the feedback from local businesses.

We really do listen to all feedback :)