Local Businesses

Focused on Finding Your Potential

When Andrew and I walked into Agoge Fitness for the first time, we were immediately greeted by the owner, Dave Hall. At first glance, Dave is a pretty intimidating guy. Within minutes, we were relaxed and felt like we were hanging out with an old friend.

Agoge Fitness is a local gym that’s focused on finding your potential. They use a wide range of techniques and equipment that focus on strength and athleticism. A variety of classes are offered like Strength Training, Martial Arts, and even Yoga! Private personal training sessions are available along with supplement packages and nutrition plans.


One thing that Agoge Fitness Systems seems to have going for it that makes it stand out from other gyms - Dave Hall. Just check out the reviews on their website or Facebook page. Everyone loves Dave. I have yet to find someone that knows Dave and doesn’t consider him a friend. He is a great motivator, knows how to find an individual’s potential, and truly believes that you matter.


Dave is one of the reasons that we love local businesses so much. Looking for some fitness motivation? Check out Agoge Fitness Systems.

A little taste of Puerto Rico in Birmingham's vibrant Avondale Neighborhood

Walking into Tropicaleo, you immediately get a sense of the colorful culture of Puerto Rico. It is a small restaurant packed with tons of color and flavor. The food is absolutely delicious with numerous plantain dishes, tender pulled pork, and plenty of sampler options so you can try multiple dishes. If you are not sure what to try, the staff is more than happy to pick out some of the most popular items for you!

If you walk through the restaurant to the back patio, you will be pleasantly surprised by the vibrant murals lining the building’s exterior walls. The restaurant stays open late and frequently has a DJ in the back courtyard playing latin music. The whole scene almost makes you forget that you are in Birmingham, AL. The courtyard backs up to Cahaba Brewery so the owners have made an entrance for customers who want to grab their food while hanging out at the Brewery.

If you haven’t tried Tropicaleo, it is well worth the trip. My personal recommendation- Carne Frita.

The Most Underrated Place to Get a Drink in Birmingham - The Wine Loft

Have you ever just wanted to grab a drink somewhere with a friend or colleague and not have to worry about dealing with crowds, finding a table, or wondering if you’ll even be able to hear each other talk?

Well, if you’re like me, this is something I encounter a lot of the time, but thankfully Birmingham has an amazing spot with an amazing drink selection, delicious food, and an awesome atmosphere.

I’m talking about the The Wine Loft.

Now, I’ll be 100% honest, since I’m not a huge wine drinker I had actually never visited The Wine Loft until a friend asked me to meet them there about a year ago, but to my surprise The Wine Loft not only has an incredible selection of wines, but they have a huge selection of craft beers as well (not to mention some pretty amazing cocktails too). When we were there we tried the food as well which was delicious.

Probably my favorite thing about Wine Loft though is the atmosphere.


The Wine Loft has this sophisticated, yet casual, lounge-like atmosphere. The walls are lined with super comfortable leather couches and coffee tables which makes you feel like you’re drinking and talking with your friends in your own living room (albeit, a much nicer living room). The layout is very spread out which is amazing because I can have a conversation with the person I’m with and actually listen to what they’re saying.

It’s a nice a break from the loud, crowded, “can barely find a table” experience you get at many of the bars or breweries around town.

Since my friend introduced me to Wine Loft, it’s been my go-to place for drinks after work with a colleague, catching up with an old friend, and even first dates.

If you haven’t checked out Wine Loft, you totally should. You’ll be glad you did.