Product Update - Earn More Points with Friends


Everything is better with friends, including going to local businesses in Birmingham. Now we are giving you more points when you visit any of the places on the Pointz App with a friend.

Add up to 10 friends on the app that earn you additional points with when you visit local restaurants, bars, gyms, health spas, parks, boutiques, and more.

How it works…


• Open the app and go to the “⭐ Points” screen.

• Add friends through text, email, or our app search option (if they already have the app).

birmingham alabama rewards app pointz

This is a great way to amplify your earning potential, just for hanging out with your friends at great local businesses.

Let’s break down the numbers…


Case 1: It’s been a looooong Monday so you head to John’s City Diner after work for happy hour with your coworkers (and friends on the app) Dwight and Jim. John’s City Diner is offering 75 points, so you can earn 225 points total for your visit.

2 friends = 3x’s the points

birmingham alabama rewards app pointz

Case 2: You and your friends just had fun watching the Birmingham Barons play at Regions Field. So naturally you head to Good People Brewing to hang out a little longer. There are a lot of people there. In fact, 10/10 of the friends you’ve added on the Pointz app are there (even that one friend that always tells you to invite them but never actually comes is there). Good People is offering 100 points, so you can earn 500 points total for your visit.

4 friends = 5x’s the points

*There is a cutoff at 5x’s the points per location.


You can earn up to 5x’s the points. Just add friends and go hang out at local Birmingham places together. It’s that easy.

⚠️ A few things to note…

• When you are adding friends, a user might not show up in our search tool if they have not filled out their personal profile. If they are not showing up, no worries! You can easily add them by texting/emailing them a link.

• Although you can add up to 10 friends, there is a cap to the points you can earn together. You are only credited additional points for up to 4 friends per location.

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