4 Reasons Why Local Businesses Love Using Pointz

There are a lot of other forms of marketing and loyalty products out there. So how does Pointz stand out?

  1. We Use Bluetooth

    Pointz really focuses on the users of the app and has made a product that is really simple. By using Bluetooth, we have eliminated punchcards and check-ins. So users love using the app because we make it easy to earn points.

  2. We Reward People for Spending TIME

    By rewarding users for time (instead of money), we don’t have to plug in to a businesses’ POS system. This keeps our product simple for local business owners and allows us to set up Pointz the same day we sign on a new business.


3. We Handle the Rewards

Any business owner who has used a loyalty program has learned that the reward process can be overwhelming. So we handle everything. The business no longer has to come up with rewards to offer, deal with supplying those rewards, or handle the redemption process.

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4. We Bring the Users

With other loyalty products, the business owner is expected to educate their customers on the new system them get them to use it. With Pointz, we are promoting the app within local markets and getting new users daily. So you can reach your current customers and new customers through the app.

Wanna know more? Find out how it works here or email us at membership@pointz.io