7 Places to Watch Live Sports in Birmingham

We were heartbroken at the loss of Birmingham Iron this Spring. To fill the void, here are 7 more ways to get your sports-fix in Birmingham.

📸 photo by  Birmingham Legion

📸 photo by Birmingham Legion

  1. Birmingham Legion

    Birmingham Legion is a professional soccer franchise that plays in the newly renovated BBVA Compass Field, on UAB’s campus. Their season runs from early March to the middle of October. Tickets range from $15-$35.

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📸 photo by  Birmingham Barons

📸 photo by Birmingham Barons

2. Birmingham Barons

The Birmingham Barons are a minor league baseball team that play at Regions field from early April to the beginning of September. Tickets range from $8-$15.

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📸 photo by  Regions Tradition

📸 photo by Regions Tradition

3. Regions Tradition

The Regions Tradition is an event on the PGA Tour Champions tour and is held annually at Greystone Golf & Country Club. This year the event will be held May 9 - May 12.

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📸 photo by  UAB Sports

📸 photo by UAB Sports

4. University of Alabama at Birmingham Basketball

The UAB Men’s Basketball team plays in Bartow Arena on UAB’s campus from mid October to mid March.

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📸 photo by  UAB

📸 photo by UAB

5. University of Alabama at Birmingham Football

The UAB Football team plays at Legion Field from late August to the end of November.

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📸 photo by  AL.com

📸 photo by AL.com

6. Birmingham Bulls

The Birmingham Bulls are a minor league hockey team that plays in the Pelham Civic Center from October through April. Tickets range from range from $15-$30.

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📸 photo by  SEC Sports

📸 photo by SEC Sports

7. Southeastern Conference Baseball Tournament

Every year the top 12 teams in the SEC battle it out in the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium. The tournament dates are May 21-26 this year.

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